Pass-Through Refrigerators

Pass-Through Refrigerator for stores

Our pass-through refrigerator guarantee maximum insulation for beer and water, groceries, dairy products and more. It can be manufactured up to a length of 12m and 200mm thickness, which reduces the number of led in the wall and ensures a high insulation for any pass-through refrigerator size.

Use case for our pass-through refrigerators

These pass-through refrigerators are perfect for use in gas stations, fast food restaurants, canteens, sports halls, schools and grocery stores.
Suitable for beverages, fresh produce, vegetables, fruit and berries.
Powerful construction with well-functioning doors and density potential.

The contact point between the panels and the insulation is very strong

We have developed an interconnection system made of stainless steel in H.T. AISI 430 that ensures perfect sealing and easy assembly and disassembly.

We manufacture our panels in tailor-made lengths

The panels for pass-through refrigerator are produced in a tailor-made method. This gives us a number of advantages, such as we can produce the panels in different lengths, thickness and other specific specifications that the customer wishes. This production method allows us to provide quick response and short delivery times.
Together with our locking system to the joints, your cooling unit can be assembled immediately.

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Gazelco | Cold Rooms | Pass-through refrigerator seen from behind

Pass-through refrigerator seen from behind

Gazelco | Cold Rooms | Pass-through refrigerator seen from the front

Pass-through refrigerator seen from the front

Gazelco | Cold Rooms | Pass-through refrigerator cooling system

Pass-through refrigerator cooling system

Technical Specifications

The panels for Pass-Through Refrigerators are CE marked according to European Standard EN14509.


Stift polyurethanskum, hverken CFC eller HCFC.
Tæthed 40 kg / m3 (tolerance +3 -0 kg / m3)
Average coefficient for thermal transmission “U”

Reaction to fire

Panel Cs3dO (according to EN13501-1)
Temperature range: between -40 ℃ og +75 ℃ according to thickness.


Slightly ribbed sheet steel, galvanized and prelacquered with polyester (25 μ) with peelable protective film.
White colour. Food safe quality.
Through Order:
Stainless Steel sheet.
Plastified steel sheet with food safe PVC 120μ.

Vertical Panels

Module: 190 mm.
Thickness: 60, 75, 100, 120, 150 mm.
Width: 380, 570, 950 og 1140 mm.
Max length: 4000 mm.
Max inner height: 3700 mm.


Pedestrian floor- S8
Exclusively for pedestrian use. Interior 1mm thick nonslip splastic laminated sheeting.
Reinforced floor- M9:
Reinforced floor ideal for pedestrian and manual trolley use. Interior finish reinforced with non-slip birch plywood and phenolic resin.
Reinforced superinpoed floor:
non-slip 2/4 aluminium steel, og non-slip 3/5 galvanized steel.