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Universal Cold Room both fresh and frozen product!

Universal Cold Room both fresh and frozen product!

Our Universal Cold Room represents a new generation of modules cooling rooms for universal use. This is thanks to its many advantages:

•Completely interchangeable panels

•Easy to install

•Easy to plan your cold room in whichever direction

•Much more convenient for storage and transportation

What is the use case for these cold rooms?

Our Universal Cold Rooms are modular and suitable for mounting in the catering kitchen, fast food shops, gas stations, supermarkets, farm shops, grocery stores, convenience stores and the like.

Gazelco | Universal Cold Room | Whole Unit

Fully assembled room

Gazelco | Universal Cold Room | Panel with insulation

Panel with insulation

Gazelco | Universal Køle-fryserum | Hele enhed

Insulation internal

Gazelco | Universal Cold Rooms | Cold Room door

Easier and Faster to install

Installing and installing your cold rooms has been made easier by reconciling panel designs and making them interchangeable. All panels can be used as walls or ceiling, as they all use a system so that they can be mounted in any position. The cold room can be fitted fairly quickly with a Allen key that comes with the cold room.

Gazelco | Universal Cold Rooms | Whole unit with open door

It has never been easier to expand a cold room

It is easy (and possible) to extend one of these Universal Cooling Rooms even after it has been installed. They can be expanded vertically and horizontally.

Tekniske specifikationer
Our Universal Cooling Room consists of a prefabricated sandwich type of sprayed high density polyurethane foam slabs, with a thickness that can be adapted to different insulation requirements. Universal Kølerum ramme 1 Universal Kølerum ramme 2


400 mm


60, 80 og 100 mm.


Maximum length is 3,200 mm

Joint System:

Off-center hook with hexagonal key..


Galvanized steel sheet, white lacquer, with removeable protection film. Slight ribbed. White colour. Food safe quality. Lacquer: polyester paint, 25 micron. Including primer according to standard EN 10169. Available to order: Flat form. Other finishes.


Rigid polyurethanskum without CFC or HCFC. Thickness: 40 kg/m3 (+3-0/m3). U-value: PANEL 60 = 0.38W/m2 °C. PANEL 80 = 0.28W/m2 °C. PANEL 100 = 0.23W/m2 °C.


Pedestrian floor- S8: Exclusively for pedestrian use. Interior 1mm thick noslip plastic laminated sheeting. Reinforced floor- M9: Reinforced floor ideal for pedestrian and manual trolley use. Interior finish reinforced with non-slip birch plywood and phenolic resin. Reinforced superinpoed floor: Non-slip 2/4 aluminium steel and non-slip 3/5 galvanized steel.

Refrigerator Door:

Hinged door 0,8m x 1,9, coupled to a vertical panel.

Included Accessories Are:

Vertical interior, ceiling and floor sanitary rim on all models. Balance Valve in freezer (100mm panel cold rooms) “U” Floor Piece in Floorless cold room.
Mounting Instructions
Montage 1. trin 1. step: Assembly the floor panels then, fix the corners and adjust the covers. The floor should be completely at level. If the old rooms has no floor the ground of the cold room perimeter shall be completely levelled width (E + 150 mm). Montage 2. trin
2. step: Fit the corners to the vertical panel and follow assembly the vertical panel.